Couple who won £12m on Euromillions hand cheques to 30 family

Jon Ross Watson, 34, and Mark Goodram, 38, bought the winning Red card in a Waitrose store in Clapham, London, on April 22, 2019.

It’s something we’ve been developing with Hello Dolly and ITV for a while now and we can’t wait for you all to experience it. We hope you love it as much as we do.’ 

It comes as Ant previously said of the upcoming series: ‘We’re genuinely so excited to launch this new series.

Penguin Random House

The present-day (or slightly-in-the-past) world of Verity Jane is a world where Hillary Clinton became president instead of Trump. That Stub world still has its own problems. But in addition to the fantasy of exploring another timeline, Agency is really about the impossible mixing of multiple timelines — and multiple states of telepresence. The world-building of The Peripheral and Agency call this sort of alternate timeline a Stub, and it exists alongside our own (if indeed we’re living in the “real” timeline at all).

Midwife Kathryn and her husband Will, an intensive care doctor, kept the audience on the edge of their seats by risking the loss of £100,000 to answer their last question.

The American explained in a Reddit post that he and his wife went to a ‘belated Christmas gathering’ with their extended family last week.

Toff, 27, a friend of senior Conservative figures including the Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson, has recently announced a tie-in with fintech group Mode, which came under fire for misleading investors.

Every aspect is overly contrived and jatislot convoluted. Even the basic idea that all the answers are numerical is confusing, leaving some players tying themselves in knots. This is a flawed format, and the lads plainly knew it.

Only about four winners have chosen to receive their winnings in annuity since 2003. Powerball winners more often do opt for the one-time cash payment, though, according to the lottery’s website. Prior to 2020, two jackpots went unclaimed and two have been anonymous. 


A Rockingham woman, Gillian Argentino, asked if masks were required and if dancing was banned in a new WA government Facebook thread. 

WA means “Western Australia” not Washington state.

Among the items was a $99 Kiehl’s advent calendar, a $55 Emma Hardie facial mist, a $49 Bad Habit skincare kit, a $40 Infiniti Pro hairdryer, and a $42 L’Occitane holiday set.

Their success made thrilling TV. One pair, challenged to name a war movie set in Ancient Greece, said ‘Gladiator’ (the answer, of course, was ‘300′).

But Ant and Dec are lucky stars, and they hit the jackpot in every way with this adorable NHS duo.





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On his Instagram page later that evening, Dan revealed he had hit the jackpot by being upgraded to the Royal Suit at the St.

Pancras Renaissance Hotel London. Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in a skintight SKIMS…

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