Pengaruh Pemberian Topikal Ekstrak Kolagen Kulit Ikan Lele Sangkuriang Clarias Gariepinus Var Terhadap Tnf

The results showed that the scientific symptoms of catfish infected by vibriosis were redness lesions/ulcers on the physique floor, hemorrhagic, fluid inside stomach, and fin eroded with redness wound. Bacterial identification through biochemical test revealed the causative agent of catfish illness at brackish pond space have been bacteria of the genus Vibrio , Vibrio vulnificus . Frontal methodology was used to acquire larvae from mirror and scaly carp species. Hydro-chemical and hydro-biological research of water bodies, institution … The fry carp rising ponds make up 1,39% of the total fish pond surfaces, the yung carp ponds 19.92%, and the ponds with consumption fish 77,76%. The total quantity within the carp ponds with consumption fish seventy seven,76%.

Fish ponds are fertilized and fish are additionally fed directly with oil cake, lupin seeds, and grain husks. In addition, this fish can be cultured as a outcome of it has a speedy growth fee. A high demand of this commodity initiates farmers to do intensive efforts (Elpawati et al., 2015).

1 year agoWhereas for measuring ammonia and nitrate in each pond that’s totally different feed, it takes 1 time for two weeks. The results of this examine indicate that the Study of Water Quality of Sangkuriang Catfish (Clarias sp.) Cultivation of Biona System Feeded by Fementation and Non Fermentation . It can be concluded that the measurement of good water high quality parameters is a pond given fermented feed, as a end result of the water quality meets the Indonesian National Standard of catfish cultivation on an enlargement scale. Quality feed with the best nutrient content material can accelerate the process of fish growth so that the need for cara budidaya lele a very massive feed working prices between 60-70% could be anticipated. This research goals to determine the impact of business, pure and artificial feed on absolutely the progress of weight and survival fee of Sangkuriang catfish . The study was conducted for forty nine days with 20 catfish seedlings in 12 containers of forty x 20 cm jars with 4 liters of water volume capacity.

The growth of catfish is comparatively fast in order that required a big and high quality feed. Engineering improvement of feed composition may be through the advance of fermented formulation with Effective Microorganisms 4 with different time period to be obtained optimization of protein composition. This research used full randomized design four therapy 3 … The genotypic variety showed by the hybrid crossbreed of transgenic Mutiara with non-transgenic catfish excessive sufficient within the first offspring. The goals of the study have been to detect genotypic variety from Sangkuriang catfish, transgenic Mutiara, non-transgenic Mutiara and first offspring with RAPD marker utilizing 2 primary types (OPA-03 and OPA-06).

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